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World-Class Expeditionary Warfare Training

Expeditionary Warfare Training Group, Pacific (EWTGPAC) provides instruction in the tactics, techniques, and doctrine of expeditionary warfare to US forces and our NATO allies. Our accredited instructors provide world class instruction to any command preparing for deployment and assist commanders in maintaining a high level of readiness and excellence.


Training Focus

EWTGPAC's excellent training programs range from MOS producing courses to courses designed to maximize a Commander's ability to succeed in austere environments while deployed. State of the art facilities, to include our Joint Expeditionary Warfare Laboratory and LCAC full motion simulators, assist our instructors in preparing real world relevant and realistic training.


Click the links below to learn more about some of our facilities and training devices.

Joint Expeditionary Warfare Laboratory (JEWL)

And more...

3423 Guadalcanal Rd.
San Diego, CA 92155
Quarterdeck Phone: (619) 437-5333

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