EWTGPAC Course Listing

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                            Course Title

Training Days



Air Mobility Command (AMC) Affiliation Course

9 days K-8A-3558 N30680M/ 482H

Amphibious Bulk Liquid Transfer System (ABLTS)

10 days S-821-0024 NONE / 732Y
Amphibious CIC Boat Control Team Training            5 days J-221-0043 NONE / 07PE

Amphibious Warfare Indoctrination (AWI)

5 days K-2G-0037 N30M2T1/ 9248

Amphibious Ready Group (ARG)/Marine Expeditionary Unit (MEU) Staff Planning Course

10 days K-2E-3107 N30H4T1/ 481U

Basic Scout Swimmer Course

15 days K-2E-3742 N30L8K1/ 585C

Combat Rubber Reconnaissance Craft Repair Course

8 days K-652-1200 N30H4M1/01EG

Coxswain Skills (CRRC) Course

20 days K-2E-8111 N3081K1/ 585B

Elevated Causeway (ELCAS) Installation

12 days K-062-0102 NONE / 06NS

Elevated Causeway (ELCAS) Technician Classroom

3 days K-062-4635 NONE / 06SA

Expeditionary Deployment Systems

10 days K-551-3554 N30L8P1/ 482G

Expeditionary Fires C2 Systems Integration

5 days S-2G-0065 NONE / 842Z

Expeditionary Fires Primer

5 days K-2G-0045 N30L741/ 267E

Expeditionary Fires Team Training

5 days S-2G-0064 NONE / 833R

Expeditionary Warfare Staff Planning (EWSP)

5 days


N30KA51/ 9250

Fire Support Coordination Course

5 days J-2E-4316 N30APJM/ 646C

Fire Support Man

19 days K-041-0014 N3013U1/ 528B

Ground Combat Element (GCE) Operations Specialist

15 days


N30RCC1/ 481X

Humanitarian Assistance / Disaster Relief (HA/DR) 2 days K-2G-0223 NONE / 07KA

Improved Navy Lighterage System (INLS) Craftmaster

15 days K-062-0110 NONE / 00SC

Improved Navy Lighterage System (INLS) Deck Supervisor

15 days K-551-0101 NONE / 04H9

Improved Navy Lighterage System (INLS) Engineering Technician I

15 days K-062-0112 NONE / 00SE

Improved Navy Lighterage System (INLS) Engineering Technician II

5 days K-062-0111 NONE / 00SD

Improved Navy Lighterage System (INLS) Floating Causeway

10 days K-062-0116 NONE / 02HY

Improved Navy Lighterage System (INLS) Lighterage Repair Facility (LRF) Senior Technician Course

8 days J-062-0034 NONE / 06HU

Improved Navy Lighterage System (INLS) Operator Basic

10 days K-062-0113 NONE / 00SF

Improved Navy Lighterage System (INLS) Roll-On / Roll-Off Discharge Facility (RRDF)

10 days K-062-0115 NONE / 02HX
Independent Deployer Training                               Varied K-2G-0066 NONE / 09GL

Infantry Company Small Boat Raid Course

12 days K-2E-3745 N30INC1/ 585E

Infantry Company Small Boat Training Program


Inflatable Boat Operator Course

5 days K-062-2100 NONE / 03JZ

International Senior Officer Amphibious Planning

50 days K-2G-0039 NONE / 9221

International Coalition Staff Planning

25 days J-2G-0222 NONE / 05YR

Joint Fires Observer Course

10 days J-2G-2111 N30KLB1/ 06NO

LARC-V Technician

10 days K-062-0038 NONE / 03PJ

LCAC Craft Control Systems Maintenance Course

25 days K-652-0315 NONE / 0610

LCAC Craftmaster Crew Training Course

85 days K-062-0100 NONE / 0621

LCAC Engineer Crew Training Course

85 days K-652-0312 NONE / 0622

LCAC Navigator Crew Training Course

85 days K-193-0436 NONE / 0623

LCAC Mechanical Maintenance Course

25 days K-652-0314 NONE / 0609

Marine Air-Ground Task Force (MAGTF) Fires

6 days K-2G-9054 N30F2D1/ 00D7

Marine Corps Instructor of Water Survival Course

15 days K-010-3921 N30L9N1/  585J

Maritime Navigation Course

12 days K-2E-3743 N30H4A1/ 585D

Maritime Prepositioning Force (MPF) Staff Planning Course

5 days K-2E-3119 N30L8Q1/ 377G

Maritime Prepositioning Force Utility Boat Engineer

10 days K-062-0036 NONE/ 03MX

Maritime Prepositioning Force Utility Boat Operator

10 days K-062-2121 NONE / 03JY
Naval Fires Control System (NFCS) MOD 1 Team Training 3 days S-150-0033 NONE / 03JB

Naval Gunfire Liaison Officer

25 days K-2G-0040 N30OHR1/ 9255
Naval Surface Fire Support (NSFS) Team Training (MK34 MOD4 Gun Weapon System) 5 days J-113-0045 NONE/ 08MN

Naval Surface Fire Support Team Training (MK-34 Gunfire Weapon System)

5 days J-113-0163 NONE / 422P
Naval Surface Fire Support Team Training (MK-34 MOD 6 Gun Weapon System) ​5 days ​S-113-0612 ​NONE / 11H4
Naval Surface Fire Support Team Training (MK-34 MOD 7-8 Gun Weapon System) ​5 days ​S-113-0613 ​NONE / 11H7

Naval Surface Fire Support Team Training (MK-86 Gunfire Control System)

5 days J-113-0167 NONE / 8635

Offshore Petroleum Discharge System (OPDS) Beach Termination Unit (BTU) Operations Technician

13 days K-062-0104 NONE / 422S

Offshore Petroleum Discharge System (OPDS) Dive Boat Technician

5 days S-062-0107 NONE / 756E

Offshore Petroleum Discharge System (OPDS) Officer-in-Charge (OIC)

13 days K-2G-0439 NONE / 422R

Offshore Petroleum Discharge System (OPDS) Operations Technician

13 days K-062-0101 NONE / 421R

Offshore Petroleum Discharge System (OPDS) Utility Boat (OUB) Coxswain

10 days S-062-0003 NONE / 4760

Offshore Petroleum Discharge System (OPDS) Single Anchor Leg Moor (SALM) Technician

10 days K-062-0016 NONE / 264G

Offshore Petroleum Discharge System (OPDS) Utility Boat (OUB) Engineering / Intermediate Level Maintenance

10 days S-062-0002 NONE / 475V
Open Water Safety Craft ​6 days ​K-652-1201 ​N30C311/

Planning Joint Logistics Over-the-Shore (JLOTS) Operations

2 days S-8A-0004 NONE / 01KD

Rapid Response Planning Process (R2P2) Primer

5 days S-062-0500  NONE / 05HS
Tacron Team Trainer ​Varied ​G-2D-0612 ​NONE / 10V6

Tactical Air Control Party

20 days K-2G-3615 N306741/ 481Z

Tailored Synthetic Training

Varied K-2G-0042 NONE / 2345


All EWTGPAC staff instructors are accredited through the Navy or Marine Corps formal schools instructor process.

This information is accurate as of 24 Jan 2014.